FAQs about CCTV drain and chimney surveys and inspections 

What accreditation does I SPY have? 
We have attained various accreditation that ensures all work carried out by us is at a first class standard. We are: 
-Licensed by the water industry in Pipe and Sewer Classification Coding 
-Fully accredited by the Department of Industry and a member of Constructionline 
-Licensed for Highway Streetworks to Operative and Supervisor levels 
-Qualified in Confined Space Entry Working Procedures –City & Guilds. 
How will you present your findings? 
Findings are normally presented in a DVD format however additional media options are available by customer request. The DVD includes a comprehensive written report and computer drawn diagrams and illustrations are also produced, where necessary. 
How long will investigations take? 
We will deal with each stage of the investigations as quickly as possible, from the initial quote, practical investigation to the production of findings. When discussing your requirements with you initially we will estimate timings – as these will vary depending on the work required. 
How do I pay? 
We accept payment by bank transfer payment/ BACS payment/ Cash or Cheque. 
Do you charge VAT? 
Yes. We are a VAT registered company and so all of our quoted prices are subject to VAT. 
Will your survey cause damage, and will I have to repair this myself? 
It is very unlikely that our services will cause any damage to your property. However if we are liable for any resulting damage we will cover the costs ourselves and resolve the issue for you. 
Why would I need drainage routing or mapping? 
This can be useful for a number of reasons. In most cases, there are no drainage plans/ drawings for existing drainage layouts and the route of drains is an unknown. 
Our drainage routing/ mapping can plot the route of all your drains and we will provide you with a computer drawn plan of the drainage layout. 
For drainage routing/ mapping we use a combination of techniques, including CCTV, drain sonar tracing and water flushing/ dye trace testing. 
What happens after you have identified the problem? 
If we identify the cause of the problem we will be able to help you in your next course of action by providing you with the details of other relevant professionals, gaining quotations for follow on work and assisting in making the arrangements for any required follow on works. 
Will there be any additional costs? 
We will always quote a price before any work is carried out. In the instance that our survey produces any problems that we are unable to deal with ourselves we work closely with other professionals who will be able to carry out further investigations and work. We can gain quotations for and arrange any follow on work, where required. 
How do I book an appointment? 
You are able to contact us by phone, email or by completing our online enquiry form found on our contact us page. 
What happens if your investigations do not find any problems? 
We work in conjunction with other professionals that would be able to facilitate other further investigations. 
How long has I SPY been trading for? 
I SPY have been trading for over 15 years. We have a large client base and have gained experience in working in a variety of environments from serving local residents to large National companies. 
Who would carry out drainage unblocking? 
If minor obstructions/ blockages are discovered during our survey, we can undertake manual drainage clearance works. 
For more major blockage issues and high pressure jet cleaning, we can arrange these services through one of the several professional companies in the industry that we work closely with. 
Will I receive a written report? 
Yes, unless the client specifically request no written report, then all our surveys include a comprehensive written report to water industry regulation standard, as we are licensed and qualified through the National Water Industry. 
These reports are produced on WinCan software which is the latest industry standard reporting software. 
Can you offer me a quote before carrying out the work? 
Yes, we would be very happy to talk with you before any work is carried out. We can determine approximately how much work is to be carried out and give you a quote based on this. To get in contact with us please see our contact page. 
Is there an extra cost for computer drawn diagrams / illustrations? 
No. Where diagram/ illustrations are necessary, they are included within our total price. 
Are you able to provide specific appointment slots? 
Yes, we will try and arrange a time slot that suits you. 
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